I need custom design of the leotard for the gymnast, can you sew it? 

We can make the same you’ll send us, based on your concept (if you like).
Anyway, after your order, it will be done by our own sketches which we’ll confirm with you before sewing.

How we’ll working on your order:

  1. After receiving your order (full measurements, shipping address, etc.) & payment, your dress will be enqueue;
  2. We’re drawing ONLY up to 3 sketches of the new leotard’s design. It will be front and back sides.
    If you’ll not like our three sketches, we’ll refund your 85% payment back. (There were not any refunds yet, because we’re drawing and sewing amazing leotards.)
    It will be author’s design of the dress, that’s why some minor improvements between sketches and ready leotard are permitted;
  3. Sewing, basing on confirmed sketches, will take about 4–8 weeks from the confirmed sketches date. (Depends of how we’re busy now.)
    We don’t send any photos of the sewing process, that’s why you need to send us right comments and feedbacks about the three drawings, which I’ll send to you.

Design of the one leotard based on your concept and sewing with up to 1000 basic bright crystals will cost  299. (Tax included.)

To order the leotard (leotards) by our sketches, just send us this details in one e-mail:

  • send us some pictures, ideas and comments about dress design which you need,
  • write your full shipping address,
  • tell phone number.